hello blog. it’s me, margaret.

i was determined to actually update this blog when i created it, but then i became a sort-of single parent and that’s when everything went all pear shaped. zoe has actually been a total dream this whole time, but still, i’m busy and what not.

anyway, here are a few post topics i’ve been writing in my head…

     – does satan exist?

     – top 5 things to do on the pot

     – bundt baby bundt

     – what i’m reading (House on Mango Street, A Million Little Pieces, Operating Instructions)

     – family values

more on those later. tonight, i just want to say that this parenting gig is the craziest thing. i put zo’s new toddler bed together last night and she freaked out when she saw it this morning. i had to pry her from her new primarily-colored pillows to change her diaper, and she cried all the way to skool days wailing, “my zoe’s big girl bed…i sleep!” even still, i was prepared for a mini battle after her bath tonight.

but she was great.

we read a few books, turned on the sleepy time tunes, and she was out.

as we’ve been sharing our bed with her since january, i want to dance. but more than dance, to cry.


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