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Note Worthy

Markings from the Mayhem: Thursday, March 18

11:00 am Weight Watchers New Member Meeting

– 31 points for daily munching. Hooray!  (Total points for Noodles & Co. mac & cheese: 12.) (Oh my.)

– No need to drink H2O. Slug down six 8-ounce glasses of something other than beer and we’re golden. (Oh my.)


1:30 pm Lunch Meeting with LaMar Lisman

– LaMar: “There’s Marcie something or other. I haven’t seen her in years. She looks like hell.”

– Faustina lunch special: chicken sandwich with avocado and garlic aioli, side salad with yummy crunchy beets, apple bread pudding. Cost $10. Weight Watchers points: 100. (Oh my.)


6:30 pm National Speaker’s Association Monthly Chapter Meeting w/Patricia Fripp

– “What if…” The two words that all creative professionals have used since the beginning of time  to solve their client’s problems.

– “People don’t remember what we say. They remember the picture we create in their minds.”


9:35 pm Driving Home

Zoe: “Binky?”

Mom: “We don’t have a binky sweetheart. You threw it out the window last night because binkys are for babies. Remember?”

Zoe: “All gone?”

Mom: “Yes, all gone. Binkys are for babies. Not for big girls. Are you a big girl?”

Zoe: “Zoe? Baby.”

(Oh my.)



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