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what i’m reading

i’m determined to get back into blogging. promising myself (believe it or not) that i’ll write a little something EVERY night so that it becomes habit and i get better at it. i’m feeling like i need to do something different these days, so here i am, new netbook on lap, prepared to become prosaic.

just like with dieting, however, it’s ┬ánever good to jump into anything completely. so instead of writing something actually meaningful, i’ll just tell you what i’m reading.

Same Kind of Different As Me

same kind of different is a fantastic true story of a homeless man and an art dealer who strike up an unlikely friendship thanks in part to an inspired dream by an inspired lady named debbie. i’m about halfway through and i adore her. and denver the homeless guy.

i’m into true stories these days. people are cool. thanks people, for getting off the couch. may i follow in your footsteps and soon peel my but off our butterscotch seat of love.



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